Food & Beverage Containers

Lubricants and coolants from the worldwide leader
Henkel is the worldwide leader of products, services and technical expertise for the food and beverage container industry. We offer a variety of next-generation solutions for glass, aluminum and steel container applications, including beer and beverage bottles and cans, food cans and aerosol containers.

Our product line includes:

  • Post and cupper lubricants
  • Bodymaker coolants
  • Washer chemicals
  • Mobility enhancers
  • End sealing compounds

Greener is cleaner
To keep pace with the changing requirements of manufacturers, including the drive toward more environmentally compatible products, Henkel’s product development strategy is focused on green solutions.

In addition to environmental responsibility, Henkel’s performance-driven food and beverage packaging solutions offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved production speed and efficiency
  • Lower applied cost
  • Reduced downtime, spoilage and waste
  • Extended tool life

Solutions from brands you trust
Alodine: Environmentally sound, chrome-free conversion coatings for a variety of aluminum packaging applications.

DTI: A diverse product line of drawing to ironing lubricants that offers numerous benefits and solutions for the metal packaging industry.

Glasdag: A range of coatings and lubricants that provide protection under the extreme conditions inherent in glass-forming processes.

Lineguard: Henkel’s full line of automatic process control and monitoring systems offer the most advanced chemical process control, testing equipment and data management solutions.

P3: Henkel’s P3 brand line of in-process cleaners, anticorrosion preventatives and chemical specialty products provides total solutions for metal packaging customers.

Our Brands

Alodine Alodine is an international brand name for Henkel Adhesive Technologies conversion, anodizing and functional coatings. more...

DTI Our DTI lubricant product line offers solutions for aluminum and steel applications, including beverage and food cans. more...

Lineguard Henkel’s automatic performance diagnostics and control systems offer pretreatment support, testing equipment and data management solutions. more...

P3 P3 – Cleaners. High quality alkali, acid and neutral aqueous cleaners for efficient process-, parts- and maintenance cleaning. more...